Narcy Novack, who is accused of hiring hit men to kill her millionaire husband and his mother, will not testify at her federal trial in White Plains, the judge announced Friday.

The defense is expected to rest today and closing arguements are slated for Monday.

Novack's lawyer, Howard Tanner, had left open the possibility that his client might testify, but Judge Kenneth Karas said Tanner told him and prosecutors that she decided against it.

Novack's co-defendant and brother, Christobal Veliz, 58, did take the witness stand earlier this week in the case where the siblings are accused of setting up the beating deaths of Ben Novack Jr. in a room at the Hilton Rye Town in July 2009 and his 86-year-old mother, Bernice, in Florida three months earlier.

Despite her attorney's admonitions, Novack, 55, has declared her innocence in several jailhouse interviews in recent weeks.

She claimed an unnamed conspirator was setting her up; said Novack Jr., could still be alive; and offered to swear "on a stack of 17 Bibles" that she did not know Alejandro Garcia, who has confessed to being the hit man in the slayings.

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During four days of testimony, Veliz offered a series of explanations when prosecutors presented him with evidence meant to prove he hired -- and aided -- the hit men who killed Novack Jr., whose father owned Miami Beach's Fontainebleau hotel, and Novack Jr.'s mother, Bernice Novack.

When prosecutors presented credit card and ATM withdrawal records, Veliz testified that someone else was using his accounts. When prosecutors showed the jury photos of the getaway car -- a car they said belonged to Veliz -- Veliz said someone else must have been using his car while he drove a tour bus to a Virginia amusement park.

And when prosecutors pressed him on an alibi, Veliz said he invented the story of an affair with a married tourist from Hong Kong named Chin Chew Laco, according to News 12. The name is a derogatory Spanish term used toward Chinese people.

The trial began April 21, almost three years after the body of Novack Jr. was found bound, gagged and covered in his own blood at the hotel. His mother was killed in her Fort Lauderdale, Fla., home.

Novack Jr.'s father possessed a personal fortune of more than $8 million, according to an estate lawyer who provided details to News 12. Prosecutors have argued that Narcy Novack was partly motivated by jealousy, as well as a desire to secure her husband's fortune for himself. Along with the millions, Novack Jr. was known as the owner of the world's second-largest collection of Batman memorabilia.


Novack and her brother face life in prison if convicted.