LEVITTOWN - The district attorney's office says a Nassau County correction officer is accused of possessing amphetamines with intent to sell.

Daniel Lanigan, 29, of Levittown, was arrested Monday on Division Avenue after police say he was caught in a drug-related transaction. The location was one block away from Division Avenue High School.  

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Prosecutors say Lanigan had 10 capsules of Adderall on him at the time of his arrest. Officials say they believe Lanigan intended to sell those pills.

Lanigan was employed by the Nassau County Sheriff's Department as a correction officer since 2009. He was fired from his position Tuesday afternoon.

The correction officers’ union president issued a statement saying, "Our union does not condone any illegal activity that taints the reputation of all of the other hundreds of correction officers who perform their duties with the highest level of professionalism each and every day. Moving forward we will ensure Officer Lanigan receives the best possible legal representation and that his rights are protected."

Calls from News 12 to Lanigan’s attorney were not returned.

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Lanigan is charged with possessing amphetamines with intent to sell and faces up to 2 1/2 years in prison.