CLIFTON - New Jersey multimillionaire Pedro Quezada could be in court again, over a matter of a few thousand dollars.

A contractor who says he worked on Quezada's Clifton home is suing him for allegedly not paying a bill for $3,750.

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The contractor told News 12 New Jersey that his business, Homesite Heating and Cooling, installed a heating and air conditioning unit in Quezada's house.

He says Quezada gave him a $5,000 down payment, but never paid him the balance on the $8,750 job.

Quezada's attorney, Paul Fernandez, is disputing the claim, saying the contractor performed unauthorized work. Fernandez says many people are taking advantage of his client because he is rich.

Quezada has run into legal trouble before since winning the lottery. It previously came to light that he owed nearly $30,000 in back child support. He used his new-found winnings to pay the debt.

Fernandez says his client may file a countersuit under the Consumer Fraud Act against the contractor.