Here, new tech products for babies and kids:

Mimo is a new, technology-enhanced onesie that reports back to Mom and Dad through a smartphone app, letting parents know the baby's respiration level, movement, body position and skin temperature during the night. The $200 Mimo kit comes with five pieces -- three organic, cotton, washable onesies, a turtle clip that attaches to the onesie to help gather data, and a "lilypad" Wi-Fi base station with microphone to transmit data. Parents download an Android or iPhone app to monitor and view stats. Available at

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The Owlet Vitals Monitor is a wireless pulse oximeter monitor that allows parents to track a baby's vital signs, including heart rate and oxygen level remotely from a smartphone. The baby wears a "smart sock." The device also transmits skin temperature, sleep quality and sleep position to a parent's smartphone or other Internet-based device. $250 at

A free app helps parents stay up-to-date on baby- product recalls. With LolaKnows, parents can search for or scan the barcode of a product and see all the recalls associated with that product. They can then add a new purchase to their LolaKnows "Nursery" to receive notifications immediately on future recalls.