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Nassau layoffs: Big questions remain

A number of unanswered questions remain about last week’s layoff of 265 municipal workers in Nassau County.

For starters, the layoffs predominantly targeted Civil Service Employees Association members. But how many ordinance employees – or nonunion members – were handed pink slips?

Brian Nevin, spokesman for County Executive Edward Mangano, tells Newsday that some “ordinance employees were laid off.” But thus far the county has failed to provide details about those layoffs.

Questions also persist about the incentive package offered in late December to encourage higher-wage county workers to retire.

A total of 118 county workers took the incentive, which paid them $1,000 for every year of service with the county, but it’s unclear exactly how many jobs or taxpayer dollars were saved through the program. CSEA president Jerry Laricchiuta said the program has averted at least 150 additional union layoffs, but the county has declined to confirm that figure.

Mangano’s office also has failed to address whether the county will extend the incentive package for another 90 days as the union has requested.

“At this time, we are not ready to release the answers because nothing is finalized and we do not want to have anything reported prematurely,” said Katie Grilli-Robles, a Mangano spokeswoman.

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Which was the most fevered lunge for self-promotion by a power player?

Rep. Michael Grimm saying he can continue to serve despite pleading guilty to felony tax fraud. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi calling on the GOP to push Grimm out. House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) declining to comment until he meets with Grimm.

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