Video: CSEA broadcasts its brief against Nassau med center

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The fight between the Civil Service Employees Association and the leadership of Nassau University Medical Center is heading to Long Island's airwaves.

The union has unveiled a television commercial criticizing the hospital which will begin appearing on News 12, CNN, Fox News, ESPN and TBS starting tomorrow. The ad will run through June 21.

In the commercial, CSEA president Jerry Laricchiuta accuses NuHealth System CEO Arthur Gianelli of doling out six-figure salaries to "political pals" while at the same time laying off hundreds of workers and cutting healthcare services to Nassau residents. As the ad rolls, clips of Newsday articles detailing the hospital's recent controversies appear on the screen.

"Now Gianelli is hatching a scheme with North Shore LIJ that could potentially leave you at the mercy of a near healthcare monopoly," Laricchiuta says in the ad. "This could leave residents with little option on where to receive hospital care."

The ad closes with Laricchiuta asking residents to call Nassau Presiding Officer Peter Schmitt (R-Massapequa) to demand a public hearing.

The hospital declined to comment on the ad.

CSEA spokesman Ryan Mulholland declined to put a pricetag on the ad campaign other than to say the cost was "substantial." The union previously ran print and radio ads criticizing the hospital.

Video is below:


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