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Rep. King's Gingrich attacks almost mild -- compared to 1997


Rep. Peter King’s recent attacks on Newt Gingrich as “erratic” and a “danger” to the Republican Party and the nation have long roots. In fact, they seem almost tame compared to the Seaford Republican’s flamethrowing in 1997, as Gingrich’s political fortune’s began to tumble. In an essay titled “Why I Oppose Newt” for the March 30, 1997 issue of the conservatve Weekly Standard, King blasted Gingrich for moving to the center and befriending Alec Baldwin and Jesse Jackson. King also famously called Gingrich “roadkill on the highway of American politics,” said he had a “public approval rating a few points shy of the Ebola virus,” and blamed him for making mistkaes that turned him into “the Man You Love To Hate in the professional-wrestling ring of American politics.”

For the full Weekly Standard article click here.

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