If our elected officials wish to understand the consternation of their constituents regarding the ubiquitous red-light cameras in Nassau County, they only need to look at how the fines are assessed ["Red-light camera extension signed," News, July 23].

While I am not among those who question the efficacy of the cameras in reducing accidents, some fines are based more on revenue than actually preventing traffic accidents.

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One example is failing to make a full stop when turning right on red. When there is no traffic coming in either direction on the opposing road, there is no hazard in taking the right on red -- regardless of how many seconds one waits before proceeding.

I served with the New York City Police Department for 32 years and never issued a summons for an action that wasn't hazardous. These cameras afford no discretion; they cite innocuous activities.

This is the type of "gotcha" violation that causes people to lose faith not only in red-light cameras but government in general. Too often we hear that it's all about the insatiable appetite for revenue.

I've been reluctant to bring this matter to governing officials, in the hope that these type of situations, tied primarily to revenue, might be addressed in future legislation. Unfortunately, this program is becoming just another tax.

Eugene Guerin, New Hyde Park