Book Nook: 'The Pink Ribbon Diet'

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THE PINK RIBBON DIET: A Revolutionary New Weight Loss Plan to Lower Your Breast Cancer Risk, by Mary Flynn and Nancy Verde Barr. Lifelong Books, $16.95, 273 pp.

Flynn, registered dietitian at The Miriam Hospital and assistant professor at Brown Medical School in Providence, R.I., and Barr, who served as executive chef to Julia Child and is a James Beard Book Award-winning cookbook author, have created a diet based on Flynn's research.

Published in The Journal of Women's Health last June, Flynn's study of overweight breast cancer patients, sponsored by the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation, found that a higher-fat Mediterranean diet, based on olive oil and plants, helped women lose weight and improve breast cancer biomarkers such as blood lipids, blood sugar and insulin, as compared to a low-fat diet.

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THE SCOOP The diet is based on "the big three": extra virgin olive oil, whole-grain starch and vegetables. Poultry and fish are limited to 12 ounces weekly. (Red meat, begone.)

THE BOTTOM LINE The book includes about 150 recipes, from Basil Pesto With Walnuts to Mediterranean Baked Fish.

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