Joshua Nemley, 32, of Copiague, is an audio visual engineer who lost 120 pounds.


The day he dropped his cellphone and felt irked that he had to get up from his chair so he could bend over to get it, Nemley decided it was time to do something about his weight. He mentioned to his mother that he wanted to get serious about weight loss by doing meal replacement protein shakes. She showed up to his house soon after with a protein shake supply. “She told me she didn’t want me to be ‘all talk’ and wanted to help,” says Nemley.

He launched himself on a program of a protein shake for breakfast and one for lunch. For dinner he would have meat and vegetables. Additionally, he cut out all sugar, bread and pasta. To replace starchy favorites, Nemley uses a vegetable spiralizer to make zucchini noodles and has cauliflower rice in stir-fry meals (he stopped the protein shakes after six months).

Nemley, who had to buy new winter clothes, wants to lose another 49 pounds before he shifts into maintenance mode. His job involves a lot of heavy lifting while setting up audio visual equipment at corporate events. He used to be exhausted after, “but now it’s like nothing,” he says.


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Nemley has an egg white omelet with spinach and turkey for breakfast. Lunch, which he tries to bring from home, is usually grilled chicken and vegetables. “I know that I can always find something at Chipotle like chicken and brown rice. I eat only half for lunch and take the rest home. Also, Applebee’s has a light menu, and I can order anything that’s under 600 calories from that menu,” says Nemley. Dinner can be cauliflower rice with chicken and vegetables mixed in or zucchini noodles with a pasta sauce with chicken or shrimp. He snacks on fruit or homemade air-popped popcorn with a zero-calorie butter spray.


Until the recent cold weather, Nemley walked three miles daily. He says he’s considering a gym membership to continue that routine.


“Jump on it. Don’t wait. Dive right in. Set short-term, realistic goals.”