Court battle over woman's life support at North Shore University Hospital

The state Appellate Division, Second Department, denied a

The state Appellate Division, Second Department, denied a petition by Sungeun Grace Lee's parents to stay a restraining order that prevented hospital officials from removing her from a respirator. (Credit: Handout)

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The parents of a terminally ill New York City woman are waging a court battle over whether to keep her on life support.

The Daily News reports that 28-year-old Grace Sung Eun Lee has said she wants to die.

Doctors at North Shore University Hospital say they would like to respect Lee's wishes and remove her feeding and breathing tubes.

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But Lee's devout parents say that would be suicide and would keep her from going to heaven.

The parents, the Rev. Manho Lee and Jin-ah Lee, obtained a court order to keep the tubes in.

Before she became ill with brain cancer last year, Lee was working as a financial manager and training to run the New York City Marathon. Now she is paralyzed.

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