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Lorelei Galardi, 49, seen at her home in
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Lorelei Galardi, 49, seen at her home in Southampton, was diagnosed with a high-grade form of breast cancer after her first mammogram at 43 years old. She then had a mastectomy, a surgery that removed the cancerous breast. (Nov. 12, 2011)(Credit: Gordon M. Grant)

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Debates over the value of mammograms and PSA tests

A government-appointed panel two years ago recommended women beginning at age 50, not 40, get mammograms every other year, instead of every year. In October, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, a 16-member group of outside primary-care experts, released a draft recommendation that calls for not routinely giving healthy men 50 and older the prostate-specific antigen blood test. These individuals explain their stance on these tests.