HIS STORY "I would eat what I thought were healthy foods," says Bill Grogan, who works from home. "I'd stack the refrigerator with low-fat mayo and tuna, but I'd be eating these things all day long. My calorie count was astronomical."

Grogan says, despite going to the gym and playing hockey weekly, he averaged a 5-pounds-a-year weight gain and suffered from high blood pressure and cholesterol.

"I kind of convinced myself I was just getting old and this is part of getting old," says Grogan, who went from a 38-inch waist to 31 after his weight loss. "I play ice hockey and my joints were so stiff I could barely bend over and tie my skates."

At the gym one day he saw an infomercial for the P90X, a series of in-home workout DVDs, and he bought one. He did the workouts -- core exercises, high-impact aerobics, yoga -- along with lifting weights, but the weight wasn't coming off. "After two or three months, I'd only lost 5 pounds," Grogan remembers.

It was his wife who introduced him to the My Fitness Pal app that not only tracks your eating, but your exercise as well. "I found out I was eating at least 3,000 calories a day," remembers Grogan, who says he'd devour all the leftovers in the refrigerator. "I was eating enough calories for a fit guy in his 20s. There was no way I could have burned those calories."

DIET He starts the day with a from-scratch veggie burger that includes rolled oats and whatever vegetables he has on hand. Lunch and dinner are mostly grilled chicken or fish with vegetables. Snacks include grapes, bananas and raw vegetables.

Leftovers? "They're safe now," Grogan says with a laugh. "I do occasionally open the refrigerator door and stare at them, but then decide it isn't worth it and close the door."

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EXERCISE He continues to use the P90X, does aerobics at home and lifts weights at the gym. And he still plays ice hockey once or twice a week, but without joint stiffness.

ADVICE "Start taking a real look at your calorie count," Grogan says. "When you get older, you can't burn calories the way you did in your 20s. I had no idea how many calories I was eating -- my wife did, which is why she handed the app to me."



Bill Grogan


55, Sands Point

Occupation Insurance broker

Height 6 feet

217 Weight before Christmas 2011

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169 Weight after Dec. 11, 2012