Karen Baldizzone

67, Valley Stream

Occupation: Respiratory therapist

Height 5-foot-4

Before 163, August 2014

After 128

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Like many people's, Karen Baldizzone's weight problem didn't start until she reached her 50s. She lost weight at three separate points in her 50s through Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig, but gained it back each time. After knee surgery in November of 2014, she didn't eat much food for the first week and a half and lost 10 pounds. Motivated with that head start, she went back to Jenny Craig and started to meet weekly with a consultant. Now, virtually all her meals are Jenny Craig products. "Their food is delicious." says Baldizzone. With a steady weight loss that averaged 1 to 1½ pounds a week and the use of My Fitness Pal, a smartphone app to track her calories, she achieved her goal and decided to go a little further to "have five pounds to play with." She says the 35 pounds is the most weight she's lost at one time. When asked why it stuck this time, she said, "I was motivated. Once I lost those first few pounds, my brain was ready for it." When Baldizzone returns to regular food, she intends to continue to track calories and go to Jenny Craig once a week to get weighed. She says she does not weigh herself at home.


Her breakfast meals can be pancakes, an egg sandwich, an omelet, a bowl of cereal, yogurt with fruit, or a protein bar. Lunch and dinner can be lasagna, meatloaf, a hamburger or a pasta dish. The triple chocolate cheese cake dessert is popular even with her husband and father, who are not on the program. Snacks are yogurt, brownies or string cheese sticks.


Baldizzone uses an elliptical at home but not for more than 15 minutes at a time, as her other knee is acting up. She has given up the elevator at work and takes the stairs.

HER ADVICE "You should eat several meals a day, not just three big ones. And track everything you eat."