Book Nook: 'Now Eat This!'

Famed chef and bestselling author, Rocco DiSpirito's newest Famed chef and bestselling author, Rocco DiSpirito's newest book,"now eat this," provides tips for cutting calories and guides when eating out. Photo Credit: HANDOUT

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NOW EAT THIS! 100 Quick Calorie Cuts at Home/On-the-go, by Rocco DiSpirito. Grand Central Publishing, 208 pp., $12.99.

You'll flip for this book by famed TV chef/ Manhattan restaurateur/bestselling cookbook author (not to mention onetime "Dancing With the Stars" contestant) DiSpirito -- or, rather, you'll flip this book:

One side gives tips for cutting calories at home. Flip it over, and you'll find how to do so in more challenging circumstances -- dining out. "Cut the calories here and there, and you'll be sliding into your skinny jeans in no time," he writes. "And you don't have to force-feed yourself tasteless crap."

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THE SCOOP From panko crumbs/low-fat buttermilk for "fried" chicken to a recipe for an olive oil substitute, DiSpirito offers many creative ways to trim meals at home. As for eating out, he guides you toward healthier meals, even at fast-food joints.

THE BOTTOM LINE This handy, colorful little book includes food plans, shopping lists and a useful guide to condiments.

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