Christine Sodikoff

40, Oceanside

Occupation: Hotel sales manager

Height: 5-foot-8

Weight before: 241 (January 2011)

Weight after: 165 (January 2012)

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My New Year's resolution in 2011 was to get fit before my 40th birthday, which was Nov. 2. I'd virtually never been below a size 14. I come from a meat and potatoes family and never liked exercise or drinking water. I really gained weight at my previous job. I was stressed out and just ate. I also have a 7-year-old son who liked McDonald's, so I'd take him and eat McDonald's. I just knew I didn't want to be 40 years old and overweight. So, I started Jenny Craig in January. I've never liked going to the gym. I was one of those who bought a gym membership and never went. I went on and ordered workouts. It worked for me because I could do it in my own home. When I reached my goal weight in November, I dropped Jenny Craig. I wanted to know if I could maintain my weight and continue to lose weight with diet, exercise and drinking lots of water. I have. I'm now a size 10 and plan to work to a size 8. My husband is even beginning to exercise with me. I still take my son to McDonald's occasionally. I just eat at home beforehand, so I'm not tempted to join him.


My favorite breakfast is whole-grain French toast. For lunch, I always have a salad and usually a turkey sandwich or a turkey burger. I usually have grilled chicken with whole-wheat pasta for dinner. You can vary grilled chicken a lot with your choice of spices. When I go out, I try not to have much pasta or bread. And I like sushi, which is a really great option for someone on a diet.


I exercise five to six times a week using DVDs I bought from It cost about $200, which I consider an investment in myself. It is strange. I was never an exercise person, but, now, if I don't exercise I feel really tired and guilty.


Find something that you love, and you'll stick with it. Stress management is key. I changed jobs about 18 months ago and wasn't so stressed out, and it gave me the opportunity to work on myself. I've also learned not to sweat the small stuff. I'm a much more positive person now.