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Name: Glenn Nishimura Home: Little Rock, Ark. Age:
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Name: Glenn Nishimura
Home: Little Rock, Ark.
Age: 62
Occupation: Consultant to nonprofit groups.
Insurance coverage: Uninsured since COBRA coverage from a previous job expired in May of 2009.

Nishimura has been uninsured for nearly three years. He lost his health coverage after he left a full-time position with benefits in 2007, thinking he could land another good job. The recession destroyed that plan.

He's been denied coverage because of high blood pressure and high blood-sugar levels. A provision in the national health care law gave his state $46 million to insure people like him who've been denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions.

But Nishimura said he can't afford the coverage. It would cost him about $6,300 a year in premiums with a $1,000 deductible, meaning he would pay the first $1,000 out of his own pocket before coverage kicks in.

He worries about suffering injuries in a car accident or falling ill before he's eligible for Medicare at age 65.

"I don't like feeling vulnerable like this," Nishimura said. "I'm completely vulnerable to some catastrophic problem."

Nationally, about 50,000 people with pre-existing conditions have signed up for the coverage available through the health care law, fewer than expected. The government has offered new options to encourage more to enroll. In another two years, he may be eligible for subsidies under the law for insurance.(Credit: AP, 2011)

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