THE DUKAN DIET COOKBOOK:350 Simple and Delicious Recipes for the Attack and Cruise Phases, by Dr. Pierre Dukan. Crown Archetype, 358 pp., $26.


Should you buy this book? It depends on what you think of lists.

If bestseller lists impress, French diet doctor Pierre Dukan's eponymous book topped them. But if a list like U.S. News & World Report's 2012 "Best Diets for Healthy Eating" matters, you might hesitate to follow this plan.

The Dukan Diet's ranking is a dismal 22 -- rated above only the Paleo, Atkins and raw food diets. "If you want a healthy diet, look elsewhere, our panel concluded," it says.

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THE SCOOP Dukan's "Attack" phase is only lean protein, a little oat bran and lots of water. Recipes like easy chicken curry, Vietnamese beef and crustless chicken quiche count on spices to make an all-protein diet more palatable.

THE BOTTOM LINE In the "Cruise" phase, Dukan adds veggies, so these recipes could be part of any meal plan, diet or not.