It's the kind of news report that could have been a movie plotline.

Los Angeles' KTLA recently broadcast the story of two men who saved each other's lives more than 30 years apart and recently reunited to tell the tale.

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On March 29, 2011, Dr. Michael Shannon was driving on the Pacific Coast Highway when a semi-truck T-boned his vehicle, pinning him beneath the truck as it caught fire, the news report says. Among the emergency responders on the scene was Chris Trokey, an Orange County Fire Authority paramedic.

As it turns out, the two men had met before. Trokey, now 34, was given a 50/50 chance of survival at birth, when he weighed just 3.2 pounds. Shannon was his pediatrician. At the time, Shannon stayed by Trokey's side until he was stable, according to the report.

The men spoke to KTLA four years after Shannon's accident, when they came together again for a local St. Baldrick's event.

"It's amazing to watch them all grow up," Shannon told the station about his patients, "but to have one of them come back in your life on a day when you really need it, that's incredible."