A Roslyn event venue will reopen for a prom Friday night after being closed for two days because guests had reported experiencing gastrointestinal problems, a Nassau County health spokeswoman said.

The Swan Club, closed by health officials on Wednesday, was cleaned and sanitized after more than 100 people reported getting sick over the weekend.

Carolyn McCummings of the Nassau County health department said the Swan Club had met several conditions and will reopen as scheduled.

One of those conditions was having portable sinks for employees to wash their hands, she said.

Delivery of those portable units happened late Thursday, and health officials said Friday the units were in place, McCummings said.

The Swan Club has a prom with 300 guests scheduled for Friday night, and its owner, Bobby Sidana, said on Thursday he had no doubt health inspectors would be happy and the prom would go on.

“Those conditions are very light, basically nothing major,” Sidana said “We are doing more than what they are asking for.”

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The venue was shut down because guests reported experiencing gastrointestinal problems after they attended parties at the venue and Sidana notified the health department. McCummings said employees were ordered to undergo testing, but it was not clear how long it would take to get results.

The business went on a two-day food purge and cleaning binge as inspectors tried to figure out the cause of the ailments.

The club hired a crew to clean all surfaces and to spray an antimicrobial coating on them, ran dishes through five rinse cycles and held a food-safety class for employees who were not required to undergo this type of training, club officials said.

Sidana said clues point to the highly contagious norovirus, best known in recent years for breakouts on cruise ships.

Two children who were ill attended a Friday party and one of their parents called Wednesday night to say the entire family later fell sick, he said. “Their doctor told them they had the norovirus,” he said.

Also, guests told him that friends who had never been to the Swan Club fell sick, a sign the problem was caused by a virus and not food poisoning.

Nassau Health Commissioner Dr. Lawrence Eisenstein said his department is waiting for lab results to determine if norovirus is the culprit.

“We don’t have a confirmed case yet; we’re waiting on pathogens, specifically from the lab,” Eisenstein said.

He said Swan Club officials have been “very cooperative.”

With Gary Dymski