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Hands-free Whopper, anyone?

To celebrate their 50th anniversary in Puerto Rico,

To celebrate their 50th anniversary in Puerto Rico, Burger King gave away 50 "Hands-Free Whopper holders" to members of their loyalty program. (Credit: AP )

If only this headline were just a cleverly planned ruse to get readers to click, instead of being an actual thing.

Unfortunately, it's not.


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To celebrate their 50th anniversary in Puerto Rico, Burger King gave away 50 free "hands-free Whopper holders" for loyalty program customers.

Let's talk about this for a moment.

Hands-free. As in, not requiring any hands. Because your "fast-food" wasn't convenient enough already. There's something about this that I simply cannot wrap my brain around.

The holders sit around your neck, placing a whopper right in front of your mouth, freeing your arms and hands to accomplish a plethora of other tasks.

In the video, produced by the burger chain and sung mostly in Spanish, we see some of those other activities the holders free your hands to do.

Tattooing, trimming your hedges, ballroom dancing and lathering attractive young women up with sunscreen on the beach are among my favorites.

Check out the video below and tell us what you think of the "Hands-free Whopper holders" in the comment field below.

Mobile users can find the video here:


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