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Hangover cure as simple as a fried breakfast, researcher says

Researcher Richard Stephens says a fried breakfast may

Researcher Richard Stephens says a fried breakfast may be the key to effectively kicking a hangover to the curb. (Credit: Newsday / Erica Marcus)

Opinions on how to best cure a hangover range anywhere from some "hair of the dog" to coffee to Advil and water.

But what if the best thing to get you feeling better after a few too many is just a good old-fashioned greasy breakfast?

In a recent article published by The Atlantic, researcher Richard Stephens, a member of the Alcohol Hangover Research Group and psychology professor at Keele University in the U.K., said carbohydrates may be the key to effectively kicking a hangover to the curb.

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"In Britain one of the most prevalent hangover cures is a big fried breakfast — fried eggs, sausages, baked beans, and all the rest — that’s well-renowned as a hangover cure in Britain, and it probably does work because there are lot of carbohydrates in that meal."

Carbohydrates, Stephens explained, are key because they help to restore the body's depleated sugar levels.

Interestingly enough, Stephens also notes in the interview that about 22 to 23 percent of people don't get hangovers at all.

And though he said he typically falls in that lucky group, when he does get the occasional hangover, he eats a fried breakfast, and as he said, "That works wonders."

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