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Internal bras? Yup, that's a thing

Exactly as it sounds, the "internal bra" procedure

Exactly as it sounds, the "internal bra" procedure supports a woman's breasts from inside the body. (Credit: Nancy Borowick)

Exactly as it sounds, the "internal bra" procedure supports a woman's breasts from inside the body.

The "internal bra" surgery, recently featured in an Elle magazine article, is currently only being performed in England.

And while the thought of never wearing a bra again might get many women excited, Dr. Matthew Schulman, a New York City-based board-certified plastic surgeon, expressed some concerns over the procedure and the materials it uses.

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"The internal bra uses a silicone cup, which is inserted under the skin," Schulman said, adding that the cups are "screwed into the ribs so that it holds the breast tissue up."

Sound painful? Well, it could be, Schulman said. "You know, any time you place a screw into a rib bone, there's a risk of infection or a risk of chronic pain because the screw can cause some irritation, cause some pain syndrome in that area."

As if pain weren't enough, Schulman said it's also possible for those screws to become dislodged over time.

But Schulman said that with the proper research, he might support the procedure.

"I think in theory it's a great idea," he said, but added "we just need more -- a lot more -- extensive trials."

Schulman doesn’t anticipate this procedure showing up in the United States anytime soon, but women looking for a similar result can always opt for a more traditional breast lift, which uses human and pig skin tissue to create a hammock for the breasts and avoids synthetic materials like silicone and screws.

What do you think of the "internal bra"? Let us know in the comments field below.

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