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One woman's 100 day weight loss journey

LaKeisha, who is using a relatively new social

LaKeisha, who is using a relatively new social media site, 100 (, is chronicling her journey to lose weight and "find love" in herself over 365 days. Here, LaKeisha is pictured in a screengrab from the 100 day compilation video she created. (Credit: YouTube)

A relatively new social media site, 100 ( asks users to do something, anything of their choosing, for 100 days. Briefly browsing through the projects posted on the site, there are any number of skills being practiced, from juggling to drawing and even unicycle riding.

The one project garnering the most attention for the page, however, is a series of videos (more than 100 now) by a woman named LaKeisha.

Starting out at more than 300 pounds, she talks about her depression and motivation to change her attitude, her self esteem and her life.

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By the end of her 100 days, LaKeisha has shed 18 pounds, dropped below the 300 mark and shows no signs of slowing down.

In the season of new and newly failed resolutions, what better motivation is there than to see someone else succeeding? (A fun new social media site to share it on never hurts, either!)

Check out LaKeisha's 100 page here (she's completing a longer, 365 day project) and let us know what you think of her success.

Have a great idea for a 100 project? Share it in the comments field below.

Mobile users can watch LaKeisha's video here: and can visit her 100 page here:

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