Motivation: Red Panda does pull-ups

A red panda doing pull-ups. A red panda doing pull-ups. Photo Credit: YouTube

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It's what all athletes strive for, and what fitness buffs are constantly working toward. Whether you have certain weight-loss goals, max weights to lift or just overall fitness in mind, succeeding is something everyone tries to do.

For me, at least, motivation is a big part of my own personal successes. It gives you a foot to stand on when you just don't think you have anything left.

In my web surfing this week, I came across arguably the most epic piece of motivation yet.

A red panda; doing pull-ups. Yes, you read that right. In fact, you can even watch the video below. Mobile users watch here:

This little guy powers right through the workout asked of him by his trainer, and I, for one, am impressed.

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More than just a cute video of an animal doing tricks for treats, this tiny panda has helped me to be just a bit more motivated when it comes to my upper body workouts.

If he can do it, so can I.

What gives you motivation? Share your ideas in the comment field below.

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