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'Pregnant' 2-year-old gives birth to twin

An image taken from a Chinese news agency

An image taken from a Chinese news agency report that was posted on YouTube shows Xiao Feng's body scans, indicating that his twin was in fact growing inside his abdomen. (Credit: Youtube)

Xiao Feng, a 2-year-old Chinese boy, was recently brought to a hospital to "give birth" to his twin.

Yes, you read that correctly.

The young tot was admitted to the hospital with difficulty breathing and a swollen stomach, when X-rays and MRIs helped to confirm that Xiao's problems were caused by his twin, growing inside of his stomach, according to media reports.

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Taking up about two thirds of the little boy's stomach, his parasitic twin required emergency surgery to be removed. After the surgery, doctors measured the unborn fetus to be 10 inches in width with a fully formed spine and limbs.

A case of conjoined twins, or cryptodidymus, is very rare within the medical community. Normally, twins are formed when an egg splits after fertilization, but in the case of conjoined twins, the egg fails to fully separate.

Below is the original video from a local Chinese news agency. For mobile users, watch the video at:

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