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Virginia newlyweds ask for blood instead of gifts

Virginia newlyweds Monica and Barry Gamble asked their

Virginia newlyweds Monica and Barry Gamble asked their wedding guests to donate blood in lieu of more traditional wedding gifts. (Credit: CBS 6 Richmond)

A couple's wedding registry is a time-honored tradition that usually presents their guests with a list of appliances and household tchotchkes with which to say, "Congratulations."

And while we've heard of newlyweds requesting donations to their favorite charities instead, one Virginia couple put a whole new spin on the tradition.

Monica and Barry Gamble asked their guests to give a donation of blood to the Virginia Blood Services center.

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The couple, interviewed by Richmond station CBS 6, said that to them, there are more important things than gifts.

"We weren't into the whole registry thing, we figured gifts would be nice, but it would be even nicer if our friends and family could help us save some lives," Barry Gamble said.

And while not all of their guests were eligible to donate, Monica Gamble said that those who couldn't give blood were still very supportive of the idea. "We have a mix of donors and supporters here today," she said.

We've previously featured Blood Donor month on the Daily Apple -- what do you think about asking for blood donations in lieu of money and other gifts? Let us know in the comments field below.

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