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McDonald's not lovin' fast food for employees

McDonald's took down its "McResource" employee website after

(Credit: AP, 2012)

A website for McDonald's employees was taken down this week after posting information critical of eating fast food, according to media reports and a statement from the fast food chain.

CNBC posted screengrabs of the McResource employee website that provided "fast food tips," saying that hamburgers, soda and french fries are "unhealthy choices."

The website, which...

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Annual fundraising event to benefit two causes

ACDS executive director Michael Smith, left, and Alan

(Credit: ACDS)

When his brother Patrick Xavier died in 1997 from complications of Down syndrome, Alan Owens, 31, wanted to find a way to keep Patrick's memory alive and, in turn, help those suffering from the same disability.

Since its inception in 2004, the Patrick Xavier Owens Memorial Foundation has raised more than $100,000 for the Association for Children with Down syndrome, a school in Plainview that...

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