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Green Tea: What can it do for you?

According to the National Center for Complementary and

(Credit: AP)

For me, adding a cup (or two) of green tea into my daily routine was a no-brainer; it helps me to move my day forward and is a healthier alternative to many other cafeteria and coffee shop options.

Just add a drop of honey, and I’m golden.

While this soothing staple has been popular for years, many people may wonder what the benefits are of adding a cup or two into their own daily routines.


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Motivation: Red Panda does pull-ups

A red panda doing pull-ups.

(Credit: YouTube)


It's what all athletes strive for, and what fitness buffs are constantly working toward. Whether you have certain weight-loss goals, max weights to lift or just overall fitness in mind, succeeding is something everyone tries to do.

For me, at least, motivation is a big part of my own personal successes. It gives you a foot to stand on when you just don't think you have anything...

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Can you save a patient having a heart attack?

An experimental game designed by ProPublica, an independent,

(Credit: iStock)

What does it take to survive a heart attack?

That’s the question being asked by an experimental game designed by ProPublica, an independent, nonprofit newsroom. The interactive lets users explore how distance from a hospital impacts a patient’s chances of success — no medical degree required.

Of the 715,000 Americans who have a heart attack each year, about 15 percent will die, according...

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Training for a race is easy, with a little knowledge

Runners in Central Park. (Nov. 1, 2006)

(Credit: AP)

Running is the one sport we're born knowing how to do, that comes naturally. The facts that it can be done outdoors and requires just one technology -- decent shoes (for those of us who prefer not to go barefoot) -- are just icing.

But while jogging is essentially inherent, and therefore pretty close to free of charge, that doesn't mean knowledge is anathema to runners. It's one thing to compete...

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Running marathons: A personal reflection

The Daily Apple contributor Brian T. Dessart reflects

(Credit: AP)

I’m not going to speak about the details surrounding the Boston Marathon tragedy. Growing up in a family of competitive runners and triathletes, I’m thankful none of them were there. And hopefully those responsible will receive the justice they deserve.

On May 5, the 40th RXR Long Island Marathon is set to pound the pavement of our Nassau County streets, bringing together both professional...

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Packaging problems: How 50 percent lower sodium only saves you 3 percent

Meats are seen in a deli display at

(Credit: AP)

It all started with Mayor Michael Bloomberg. When he recently launched an attack against sodium I began thinking that just because salt doesn’t have calories, doesn’t mean I can consume it guiltlessly. No longer would pickles, hot sauce and packaged vegetable soups be personal free-for-alls. I vowed to be as cognizant of my sodium intake.

My first step seemed like an easy one. My deli meat...

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Crying in space is messy business

A screengrab from a youtube video of Canadian

(Credit: Youtube)

When you think of space travel there are probably more than a few images that pop into your mind: bouncing astronauts hopping across the moon, or even people thousands of miles above us floating weightlessly through the air. But what about astronauts crying in space?

Currently circling the Earth in the International Space Station, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield has taken to youtube to demonstrate...

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Can fast food be healthy?

Taco Bell plans to revamp its menu to

(Credit: AP)

Fast food is one of the first things people give up when they decide to get healthy, but probably also the first bad habit to return. We love it even though we know we shouldn’t. But will it ever be healthy?

There seems to be a definite shift in that direction.

Last week, Taco Bell announced a revamp to its currently cheese-heavy, Dorito-loving menu in order to offer more “balanced...

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Kettlebells: Get in the swing


(Credit: Newsday/Hank Winnicki)

Perhaps you’ve seen them lying around at the gym. They look like dumbbells with a handle. They're small, but menacing. They’re called kettlebells, and they are your fitness friend.

Kettlebell training is gaining in popularity because of the myriad benefits, including strength, flexibility, mobility and cardio. All that, and you can get a strenuous workout in only about 20 minutes.


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Bikram yoga: You are going to sweat

Yoga in a hot room is sure to

(Credit: Getty Images)

I am not athletic by any means, but I’ve developed a love-hate relationship with Bikram Yoga (also called Hot Yoga).

The yoga practice involves a series of 26 body-bending poses, each repeated twice, done over a 90-minute period in a room heated to about 105 degrees with 40 percent humidity. What’s to hate, right?

But during my Bikram love cycles (my pattern involves a period of a few...

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