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Tips for staying healthy when traveling

Staying healthy isn?t easy when you?re constantly on

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Staying healthy isn’t easy when you’re constantly on the go, but there are some simple tips that can keep you in line with your regular routine even when you’re far away from home.

In order to fulfill your fitness requirements during your days away, try some of these travel workout tips by the Mayo Clinic:

— Do your research. If you’re staying at a hotel or a resort, for example, look...

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Sea snail emerges from California boy Paul Franklin's scratched knee, report says

A screen grab from the CBS report shows

(Credit: CBS News)

A child trips, falls, and scratches his knee.

It's a scenario that countless parents have dealt with, carefully cleaning, bandaging and kissing the injury, magically imparting the healing powers especially reserved for mommies and daddies.

And though that's what the parents of 4-year-old Paul Franklin, of Aliso Viejo, Calif., did when their son scraped his knee on a family...

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Ironman lessons learned from the sidelines

Competitors run into the water to start the

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A 2.4-mile swim. Followed by a 112-mile bike. Concluded with a 26.2-mile marathon. I call this 140.6 miles of hell. For others, it’s a slice of heaven.

The Ironman triathlon series brings together some of the toughest and most motivated athletes this universe has to offer. The intensity of the trio of events, all done in succession, makes this competition arguably the toughest single-day sporting...

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Video: Muscle man can't open water bottle

During Sunday's broadcast of the Mets-Royals game at Citi Field, a muscled-up gentleman grappled with a water bottle -- and the water bottle won.

The video has been making the rounds on the Internet, and the guy has been the subject of ridicule ever since. Even the announcers were making fun of him.

“All that working out and you can’t open a water bottle?” Mets announcer Gary Cohen said


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Long Island Adventure Race

It's time to get dirty.

There's another mud run this weekend on Long Island. The Long Island Adventure Race takes place in Calverton on Saturday.

It has a codename, Operation Tomcat. The race takes you through the woods and a host of interesting obstacles along a 5K route on the Grumman site.

If you have never run a mud race and you are thinking of diving in, this is a fun and...

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Can fasting for Ramadan also benefit your health?

A typical iftar spread, the meal that breaks

(Credit: Sophia Azizi)

Every morning for the past three weeks I’ve been waking up around 3 a.m., a couple of hours shy of the sunrise. Dragging myself out of bed, I focus my thoughts on two words: protein and water.

No, this isn't the latest diet trend. It’s Ramadan.

As a Muslim, I’ve practiced the month of fasting since I was a kid. Back then, Ramadan -- which follows the lunar calendar -- would fall during...

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