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Crying in space is messy business

A screengrab from a youtube video of Canadian

(Credit: Youtube)

When you think of space travel there are probably more than a few images that pop into your mind: bouncing astronauts hopping across the moon, or even people thousands of miles above us floating weightlessly through the air. But what about astronauts crying in space?

Currently circling the Earth in the International Space Station, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield has taken to youtube to demonstrate...

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Can fast food be healthy?

Taco Bell plans to revamp its menu to

(Credit: AP)

Fast food is one of the first things people give up when they decide to get healthy, but probably also the first bad habit to return. We love it even though we know we shouldn’t. But will it ever be healthy?

There seems to be a definite shift in that direction.

Last week, Taco Bell announced a revamp to its currently cheese-heavy, Dorito-loving menu in order to offer more “balanced...

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Kettlebells: Get in the swing


(Credit: Newsday/Hank Winnicki)

Perhaps you’ve seen them lying around at the gym. They look like dumbbells with a handle. They're small, but menacing. They’re called kettlebells, and they are your fitness friend.

Kettlebell training is gaining in popularity because of the myriad benefits, including strength, flexibility, mobility and cardio. All that, and you can get a strenuous workout in only about 20 minutes.


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Bikram yoga: You are going to sweat

Yoga in a hot room is sure to

(Credit: Getty Images)

I am not athletic by any means, but I’ve developed a love-hate relationship with Bikram Yoga (also called Hot Yoga).

The yoga practice involves a series of 26 body-bending poses, each repeated twice, done over a 90-minute period in a room heated to about 105 degrees with 40 percent humidity. What’s to hate, right?

But during my Bikram love cycles (my pattern involves a period of a few...

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School's cookie campaign hopes to raise autism awareness

ELIJA's cookie campaign poster was on display in

(Credit: Handout)

A favorite snack of children everywhere, cookies have become a tool for raising awareness about autism at one Long Island school.

The ELIJA (Empowering Long Island’s Journey Through Autism) school follows a mission best represented by their motto, “Championing Hope, One Child at a Time.” During autism awareness month, it’s using some deliciously sweet treats to champion its cause.


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Is resistance training a safe option for children?

Programs for adolescents should focus on the basics,

(Credit: iStock)

Here’s something to keep in mind: The art of resistance training -- if done correctly and with good form -- will not stunt growth.

For years the general fitness public has embraced the idea that resistance training posed a risk to adolescents because it could lead to stunted growth as a result of growth plate fractures.

While it is a reasonable concern, research says the problem is often...

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Keeping the 'girls' up: Are bras a necessity?

In the spotlight on a mannequin in the

(Credit: Nancy Borowick)

Are bras really necessary? Maybe not.

At least that's what one professor at a French university is saying.

Preliminary results from an experiment conducted during a 15-year period at the University Hospital of Besançon by Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon show that the absence of bras not only helps to straighten breasts, but also helps to reduce back pain.

Rouillon first told France...

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Spring pickings: What's in season now

Lettuce and leafy greens There’s no shortage of

(Credit: Nancy Borowick)

We’re constantly being pounded with the mantra that local is better. Shop local. Drink local. Eat local.

Luckily for Long Islanders, fresh produce is all around us. You can buy directly from the farm, join a CSA or find a farmers market close to your neighborhood year-round.

But even in a supermarket or grocery store, you can look for produce that's in season locally, which will make...

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Alysena birth control recalled by Canadian manufacturer

The correct configuration of a pack of Alysena

(Credit: Handout)

Canadian drug company Apotex has issued a voluntary urgent recall of their birth control Alysena 28 due to a potential manufacturing error.

Packs from lot number LF01899A have the potential to contain two rows of placebo pills (14 instead of only 7) and only two rows of active birth control pills.

In the case that you have one of these packages, Apotex recommends using a secondary form...

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Walking while you work: A new trend in workplace fitness

The TR1200-DT, a treadmill/desk combo with large armrests

(Credit: Handout)

If you're anything like me, you hate being tied down to a chair all day at your desk.

The fact is that sitting for an extended period of time is bad for your health. According to the Mayo Clinic's website, sitting for large chunks of your day can lead to any number of health complications including excess body fat around your waist, elevated blood pressure, raised blood sugar, etc.


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