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Long Island Adventure Race

It's time to get dirty.

There's another mud run this weekend on Long Island. The Long Island Adventure Race takes place in Calverton on Saturday.

It has a codename, Operation Tomcat. The race takes you through the woods and a host of interesting obstacles along a 5K route on the Grumman site.

If you have never run a mud race and you are thinking of diving in, this is a fun and...

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Can fasting for Ramadan also benefit your health?

A typical iftar spread, the meal that breaks

(Credit: Sophia Azizi)

Every morning for the past three weeks I’ve been waking up around 3 a.m., a couple of hours shy of the sunrise. Dragging myself out of bed, I focus my thoughts on two words: protein and water.

No, this isn't the latest diet trend. It’s Ramadan.

As a Muslim, I’ve practiced the month of fasting since I was a kid. Back then, Ramadan -- which follows the lunar calendar -- would fall during...

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Submit your questions: Q&A with Brian Dessart

Daily Apple contributor Brian Dessart is taking your

(Credit: Getty Images)

Hey Long Island, do you have health and fitness questions that you want answered? Well here's your chance to let us know!

Daily Apple contributor (and Mr. August for the FDNY Calendar of Heroes), Brian T. Dessart is taking your questions!

A nationally accredited Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Brian is also a New York State Critical Care Emergency Medical Technician and...

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FDNY calendar 'hero' and fitness writer, Brian Dessart tells all

Mr. August 2014 is firefighter and Daily

(Credit: FDNY Foundation)

OK, my secret is out. I really didn’t try and hide it, I just kept talking about it to a minimum.

Recently, I was selected to appear as Mr. August in the FDNY’s 2014 Calendar of Heroes, which was released to the public on July 22. No doubt, this is slightly awkward to write about, but kind of cool in its own weird sense. I’ve repeatedly been asked one question since the calendar’s release:...

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After juicing, it's the eating that's hard

The last meal of my juice fast, but

(Credit: Erin Geismar)

What’s the hardest part about a 10-day juice fast? As it turns out, it’s day 11.

Last week, as the end of my juice fast approached, I realized I would soon need to plan to eat a meal again. After 10 days without consuming solid food, suddenly, my first meal seemed daunting. Should it be healthy? Or should I just go crazy — pizza? A cheeseburger? And everyone kept asking me about it, which...

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Summer health hazards: Mosquito bites and diseases

There were 28 reported cases of West Nile

(Credit: Science Source Images)

An unfortunate byproduct of warmer weather, biting insects, namely mosquitos, have crept up next to ticks onto our list of summer health hazards on Long Island.

Dr. Bruce Hirsch, a physician at North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset who specializes in diseases associated with biting insects, first spoke with us about ticks and has moved on to address the problems involving mosquito populations...

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LI beach provides surfing opportunity to quadriplegic athletes

Ten athletes who have suffered spinal cord injuries will enjoy a day of surfing Friday, thanks to a national nonprofit agency dedicated to rehabilitating such injuries.

Empower SCI, founded in 2010, directs an annual two-week residential rehabilitation program, which this year began on July 14 at Stony Brook University.

During the span of the program, 10 athletes participate in adaptive...

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Study to test use of viagra in increasing babies birth weight

A new trial out of New Zealand is

(Credit: iStock)

A new trial out of New Zealand is slated to begin testing the effectiveness of Viagra in increasing birth weights and survival rates of babies who grow poorly in their mother's wombs.

Researchers from the Liggins Institute at the University of Auckland New Zealand believe that as the 'little blue pill' helps to increase blood supply to the male pelvis, it could have a similar effect on pregnant...

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Magazine ranks St. Francis among top hospitals in country

An exterior view of St. Francis Hospital at

(Credit: Newsday File/Viorel Florescu)

U.S. News and World Report's yearly hospital rankings are out today, and Long Island's St. Francis Hospital placed eighth for cardiology and heart surgery among hospitals nationally.

The facility was also listed among national leaders in seven other categories including gastroenterology, orthopedics and geriatrics.

Among hospitals in the metropolitan area, St. Francis placed fifth, with...

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Juice fasting takes time, patience and will power

One of the more pleasant juices on the

(Credit: Erin Geismar)

Here’s the gist of a juice fast: You go food shopping, you juice, you clean the juicer, you juice, you clean the juicer, you juice; you buy more produce, you juice, you clean the juicer, you juice…

Who has time to even think about food when your life is consumed by juicing?

That’s been mostly the case for me, as I move into the final days of a 10-day juice fast. I can see the finish...

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