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Doctor's Diagnosis: Jaundice

Jaundice develops when there is a problem in

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"My father’s eyes are turning yellow. I think he’s got that disease you call jaundice. How will they treat it?” asked my friend Brian, who had been caring for his sick father.

I had to explain to him that, although jaundice is a serious problem, it is not a disease; it is what is called a sign, meaning an abnormality that can be observed on physical examination. Jaundice is...

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Toddler takes first steps with prosthetics

Kayden Kinckle takes his first steps with the

(Credit: YouTube)

Talk about adorable.

In a video recently posted to YouTube, 2-year-old Kayden Kinckle stays positive, exclaiming "I got it!" as he takes his first steps with the help of prosthetics and a walker.

According to the the toddler's mother, Nikki, who posted the video, Kayden was born with omphalocele -- a condition where a baby's internal organs stick out of their belly button, only being...

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Doctor's Diagnosis: Insulin

Registered nurse Susan Eager, right, teaches a diabetic

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When I first met my brother-in-law, Leo, he was experiencing a personal crisis: He had just been told that he had diabetes and would have to inject himself with insulin for the rest of his life. Initially in a state of shock, he eventually became quite comfortable with the procedure and now doesn’t think twice about injecting himself in front of family and friends. But what exactly is he injecting...

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CDC launches new anti-smoking ads

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recently announced

(Credit: AP / Isaac Brekken)

Long Island’s many existing smoking cessation programs might soon get a slew of calls from smokers attempting to quit. So they hope, at least. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recently announced a new set of anti-smoking ads -- several more in the style of  “Tips from a Former Smoker” -- which began airing on TV and radio on Monday, as well as appearing in newspapers and magazines,...

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Doctor's Diagnosis: HPV vaccine

HPV vaccine

The response from my teenage daughter was pretty much what I expected when I announced that I was making a doctor’s appointment for her to receive yet another vaccination. “I’m not a kid anymore, I’ve had my shots, leave me alone,” she retorted. It certainly didn’t make the conversation any less awkward when I told her that it was crucial that she get the shots now, before she...

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Hangover cure as simple as a fried breakfast, researcher says

Researcher Richard Stephens says a fried breakfast may

(Credit: Newsday / Erica Marcus)

Opinions on how to best cure a hangover range anywhere from some "hair of the dog" to coffee to Advil and water.

But what if the best thing to get you feeling better after a few too many is just a good old-fashioned greasy breakfast?

In a recent article published by The Atlantic, researcher Richard Stephens, a member of the Alcohol Hangover Research Group and psychology professor at...

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Year of awareness: Technology levels the field for deaf-blind awareness week

Helen Keller blind-deaf awareness week brings to light

Burgon Jensen, originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, is a 22-year old who has been staying on Long Island since February.

But when she returns to her home state next month, where she’ll be attending college in the fall, Jensen will be taking a lot more with her than just memories of New York life. As a person who is deaf-blind, she’ll also carry with her invaluable skills and technologies...

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Scoliosis convention meets this weekend on LI

Dana Fauth of Fort Salonga took this self-portrait;

Curvy Girls from the United States and abroad will congregate in Hauppauge this weekend for the second biannual International Scoliosis Convention.

The convention, which starts Sunday and ends Tuesday, includes panels and presentations by doctors and other clinicians about bracing, surgery and physical therapy options for girls with scoliosis, a back condition that causes abnormal curving...

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Brain freeze: What is it and how do you get rid of it?

Hot summer days tend to bring with them

(Credit: Getty Images)

Hot summer days tend to bring with them a spike in cases of sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia. That mouthful is less dangerous than it sounds. It’s more commonly known -- and easier to pronounce -- as brain freeze.

“It’s one of the unfortunate pleasures of summer,” says Dr. Bradley J. Cohen, a neurology specialist with a focus in headaches, pain management and Botox at Neurology Medical Services...

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Study links pesticide exposure during pregnancy to autism risk in kids

Pregnant women who live within a mile of

(Credit: iStock)

Pregnant women who live within a mile of spaces where commercial pesticides are applied appear to have an increased risk of having a child with autism, a new study suggests.

The risk that a child would develop autism appeared to be highest for women who lived near farms, golf courses and other public spaces that were treated with pesticides during the last three months of their pregnancies.


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