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Report: 1 in 13 U.S. schoolkids takes psych meds

More than half of the parents said the

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More than 7 percent of American schoolchildren are taking at least one medication for emotional or behavioral difficulties, a new government report shows.

Apparently, the medications are working: More than half of the parents said the drugs are helping their children, according to the report.

"We can't advise parents on what they should do, but I think it's positive that over half of...

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Could morning sun could be a key to weight loss?

A recent study found that people who got

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Could the key to a lower body mass index (BMI) really be as easy as basking in the morning sunlight?

According to new research from the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, yes.

The study found that people who got most of their exposure to sun in the morning hours had a noticeably lower BMI than those who got their exposure in the afternoon.

“The earlier this light...

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Too little sleep may add to teen health problems, study finds

Many teens from lower- and middle-income homes get

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Many teens from lower- and middle-income homes get too little sleep, potentially adding to the problems of some kids already at risk for health issues, new research finds.

The study of 250 high school students found they slept an average of six hours a night, far less than the recommended amount -- about nine hours.

Kids who skimp on sleep are more likely to report feeling hopeless,...

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LIer Jen Selter, social media sensation, lands in Vanity Fair, talks fitness

Social media sensation and Long Island native Jen

(Credit: Handout)

There’s more behind social media fitness sensation Jennifer Selter than just a carefully sculpted figure.

For Selter, 20, of Roslyn, who will be appearing in this month’s edition of Vanity Fair, the grueling daily workout routine -- and hundreds of selfies it’s produced -- is all about positively influencing the lives of others.

“My passion in life is inspiring others,” said Selter,...

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Year of Awareness: Autism

Michele Iallonardi speaks to her son Jackson, 12,

(Credit: Chuck Fadley)

As a young elementary school teacher in her early 20s, Michele Iallonardi’s knowledge of autism was limited.

“What I knew about autism back then was like, your kid seems fine and then all of a sudden, they have autism.”

For Iallonardi, that limited understanding changed suddenly when her son Jackson was diagnosed with autism; he was just 2 years old.

“At around 12 months, I brought...

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Long Island Olympians talk training, fitness and nutrition

Aidan Kelly, left, John Daly, center, and Matthew

(Credit: Matthew Mortensen)

Sixteen years ago, a vision became clear for Long Island Olympian Matthew Mortensen -- if he was going to succeed in the luge, strength and conditioning was going to become an essential part of his life.

Mortensen, a Huntington Station resident and a sergeant in the United States Army National Guard, entered the U.S. Luge's development program in 1998 -- a preparatory program designed to train...

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Vacation pre-tanning: Does it really help prevent burning?

Self-tanners don't provide any real protection against burns

(Credit: AP)

As schools let out for spring break and families head to warmer, more tropical beach locales, a popular question arises in pre-vacation planning: to tan or not to tan?

Something of an urban legend, getting a "base tan" before vacation is said, by some, to help you reduce the risk of burning once you are basking in the sun.

The Daily Apple set out to find out whether the idea is based...

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Oralair, new hay fever medication, approved by FDA

Seasonal overlap could mean extra misery for people

(Credit: HealthDay)

Attention all hay fever sufferers: relief may now be as simple as dissolving a tablet under your tongue once a day.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently approved a new medication, Oralair, to treat hay fever caused by certain grass pollens in people ages 10 through 65.

Containing a freeze-dried mixture of  Kentucky bluegrass, orchard, perennial ryegrass, Sweet vernal grass...

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Living with autism: Share your experience

As April is Autism Awareness month -- and

(Credit: iStock)

Are you a person living with autism, or a caregiver to a child or adult with the disorder? No matter what your connection to autism is, if you have a story you'd like to share, we'd love to hear it.

April is Autism Awareness month -- and The Daily Apple will highlight the cause in this month's installment of our Year of Awareness series. Reports show that autism spectrum disorder is estimated...

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Ashanti talks health, fitness as new album 'Braveheart' is released

Glen Cove native Ashanti recently released her new

(Credit: Handout)

When Grammy Award-winning recording artist and Glen Cove native Ashanti Douglas’s 2003 album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, it launched her into the limelight. And just like that, Ashanti became part of the celebrity world where health and fitness are not just well meaning goals, but an essential part of the lifestyle.

To get ready for the beach scenes that dominated the music videos...

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