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Super Bowl snacking: Tips for staying healthy

A seven-layer potato skin snack might show up

(Credit: AP)

Super Bowl Sunday. It’s a day that showcases skill, strength and perseverance.

On the football field, sure, but what we’re talking about is what it takes to resist all the snacks that come with the game. After Thanksgiving, Super Bowl Sunday is next up on the list of days when Americans are likely to consume the most calories (and don’t forget, on Thanksgiving, the average person has 3,000...

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Former Olympian Louie Vito looks ahead to X Games

Former Olympian and Dancing With the Stars competitor,

(Credit: Handout)

When snowboarding great and Red Bull athlete Louie Vito hits the snowy grounds of Aspen, Colo., this week for the 2014 Winter X Games, he will be following a dream that began at the age of 5.

The 25-year-old's journey to be among the world's elite has been one of sacrifice and success. Vito is the current reigning Winter Dew Tour, U.S. Grand Prix and X Games SuperPipe overall champion. He...

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A year of awareness: Donating blood

A New York Blood Center worker scans finished

(Credit: Jessica Rotkiewicz)

Sprinkled throughout the calendar year, awareness months aim to bring a wider knowledge and understanding of various causes, from cancers to eating disorders and beyond. But as these months come and go, many of us put our colored ribbons away, ending our awareness participation until the following year.

For the Daily Apple, 2014 is to be the Year of Awareness.  That is, we will spotlight...

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One woman's 100 day weight loss journey

LaKeisha, who is using a relatively new social

(Credit: YouTube)

A relatively new social media site, 100 ( asks users to do something, anything of their choosing, for 100 days. Briefly browsing through the projects posted on the site, there are any number of skills being practiced, from juggling to drawing and even unicycle riding.

The one project garnering the most attention for the page, however, is a series of videos (more than 100...

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McDonald's not lovin' fast food for employees

McDonald's took down its "McResource" employee website after

(Credit: AP, 2012)

A website for McDonald's employees was taken down this week after posting information critical of eating fast food, according to media reports and a statement from the fast food chain.

CNBC posted screengrabs of the McResource employee website that provided "fast food tips," saying that hamburgers, soda and french fries are "unhealthy choices."

The website, which...

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Annual fundraising event to benefit two causes

ACDS executive director Michael Smith, left, and Alan

(Credit: ACDS)

When his brother Patrick Xavier died in 1997 from complications of Down syndrome, Alan Owens, 31, wanted to find a way to keep Patrick's memory alive and, in turn, help those suffering from the same disability.

Since its inception in 2004, the Patrick Xavier Owens Memorial Foundation has raised more than $100,000 for the Association for Children with Down syndrome, a school in Plainview that...

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Breast Cancer Summit teaches how to cope with a diagnosis

Senator Kemp Hannon serves as a panelist on

(Credit: Meghan Glynn)

For newly diagnosed cancer patients, telling your boss and co-workers that you have cancer can be a scary challenge.

The key to successfully talking about your diagnosis, one expert says, is rehearsing.

"Practice before you have these conversations," said Eva LaManna, program manager for Cancer and Careers, who encourages newly diagnosed patients to identify who in their company...

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Thanksgiving calories: How many are on your plate?

Research done by the Calorie Control Council shows

(Credit: Newsday / Tony Jerome, 2003)

If you're like me, you think Thanksgiving dinner is one of the best meals of the entire year.

And while most don't head into this annual chow down expecting a small meal, how many of us really stop to think about just how many calories we're packing into our bodies?

Mounds of mashed potatoes, turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce and so many more delectable choices blindside your waistline,...

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Long Island trainer provides drive for triathlon competitors

Jose Lopez, 50, has coached two Long Island

(Credit: Island Photography)

“The joy is in the journey.”

It’s the mantra that Jose Lopez lives by.

And it became the mantra for two Long Island triathletes that Lopez helped train for this year’s Ironman World Championship.

On Saturday, the world will watch an elite crop of athletes take on an unforgiving terrain in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii when the 2013 Ironman World Championship is televised. The world will...

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Squatters in Russia get free subway rides

A scene from a recent commercial for the

(Credit: YouTube)

What would you do to get a free ride on the subway?

Would you be willing to stop in the middle of a subway station and start exercising if it meant your trip that day was free?

That's what commuters in Russia are doing.

In a new commercial before the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games, subway passengers are challenged to stop and complete 30 squats (a camera watches participants to make...

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