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Timeflies band members talk balancing health and fitness with music career

Cal Shapiro, left, and Rob Resnick bonded over

(Credit: Patrick Randak)

Cal Shapiro and Rob Resnick bonded over a love of music when they met in college. The duo went on to start their band Timeflies, which performed at Lollapalooza in 2013, and now finds that another common interest adds to their success.

Shapiro, 25, and Resnick, 24, both rank health and fitness as a priority and push each other to achieve their goals despite busy schedules.

Shapiro, a...

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Tips for staying healthy when traveling

Staying healthy isn’t easy when you’re constantly on

(Credit: iStock)

Staying healthy isn’t easy when you’re constantly on the go, but there are some simple tips that can keep you in line with your regular routine even when you’re far away from home.

In order to fulfill your fitness requirements during your days away, try some of these travel workout tips by the Mayo Clinic:

— Do your research. If you’re staying at a hotel or a resort, for example, look...

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FDNY calendar 'hero' and fitness writer, Brian Dessart tells all

Mr. August 2014 is firefighter and Daily

(Credit: FDNY Foundation)

OK, my secret is out. I really didn’t try and hide it, I just kept talking about it to a minimum.

Recently, I was selected to appear as Mr. August in the FDNY’s 2014 Calendar of Heroes, which was released to the public on July 22. No doubt, this is slightly awkward to write about, but kind of cool in its own weird sense. I’ve repeatedly been asked one question since the calendar’s release:...

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Summer nutrition: Getting that 'beach body'

“Summer brings us terrific fruits such as

(Credit: iStock)

With summer finally upon us, many fitness fanatics are packing the health clubs in a last-ditch effort to sculpt their figures -- the infamous beach-body mantra. Many of these people are targeting weight loss in a specific area of the body and practice what’s called spot reduction -- the false belief that training a certain area of the body will result in weight loss in that area. The truth is that...

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Do we need food?

A San Francisco man got fed up with

(Credit: AP)

Whether we enjoy it or not, food and the act of getting it into our bodies dictates a large portion of our lives.

We have to eat to survive, and in modern society that involves precious time spent either cooking, shopping or dining out, and it costs us hundreds of dollars a month to do so (men between the ages of 19 and 50 spend an average of $324 a month for food at home, women $282, according...

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Flushing school cafeteria goes completely vegetarian, but is it safe?

After incorporating vegetarian meals into its weekly lunch

(Credit: iStock)

No more mystery meat -- or any meat -- for the kids at PS 244 in Flushing.

After incorporating vegetarian meals into its weekly lunch rotation for the past five years, the elementary school last week became the first public school in New York City, and likely in the country, according to city officials, to adopt an all-vegetarian cafeteria menu.

Feeling bad for the cheeseburger-deprived?...

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Packaging problems: How 50 percent lower sodium only saves you 3 percent

Meats are seen in a deli display at

(Credit: AP)

It all started with Mayor Michael Bloomberg. When he recently launched an attack against sodium I began thinking that just because salt doesn’t have calories, doesn’t mean I can consume it guiltlessly. No longer would pickles, hot sauce and packaged vegetable soups be personal free-for-alls. I vowed to be as cognizant of my sodium intake.

My first step seemed like an easy one. My deli meat...

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Spring pickings: What's in season now

Lettuce and leafy greens There’s no shortage of

(Credit: Nancy Borowick)

We’re constantly being pounded with the mantra that local is better. Shop local. Drink local. Eat local.

Luckily for Long Islanders, fresh produce is all around us. You can buy directly from the farm, join a CSA or find a farmers market close to your neighborhood year-round.

But even in a supermarket or grocery store, you can look for produce that's in season locally, which will make...

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Bliss Cleanse takes aim at mind, body and spirit

An undated image of the Bliss Cleanse book.


Every spring, people feel the crunch to get into bathing suit shape before the warmer summer months hit. For years a popular choice among many looking to shape up and shed away those winter pounds has been a cleanse.

These programs, traditionally, are dietary regimens and challenges designed to revamp eating habits and rid your body of unwanted and sometimes harmful toxins. They can vary in...

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Nutrition: You are what you eat

The Healthy Eating Plate created by nutrition experts

(Credit: Harvard School of Public Health)

What's in your kitchen? If the answer is a bunch of snack foods, sugary sweets and soda, you may literally be digging your own grave.

Six of the 10 leading causes of death in the U.S. are linked to poor diets, according to the New York State Department of Health Division of Nutrition.

What many fail to realize is how dramatically our healthy and not-so-healthy choices in nutrition...

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