THE DOCTORS 5-MINUTE HEALTH FIXES: The Prescription for a Lifetime of Great Health, by The Doctors, with Mariska van Aalst. Rodale Books, 334 pp., $17.99.

'The Doctors," a syndicated show seen locally on WCBS/2, features a photogenic quartet giving out medical advice with verve: Travis Stork, emergency room physician; Lisa Masterson, obstetrician-gynecologist; Drew Ordon, plastic-reconstructive surgeon, and Jim Sears, pediatrician. This quick reference book does the same. "You only really need five minutes to make a change that lasts a lifetime," they write -- adding that good habits build on themselves.

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Tips cover 10 areas, including "Healthy heart," "Healthy hormones" and "Healthy Childhood."

THE SCOOP You'll learn to fix habits you didn't even know were bad -- unfiltered coffee from that French press could add 8 percent to your bad cholesterol. (You'll avoid brushing your teeth for at least 20 minutes after drinking coffee, since its acid makes enamel vulnerable.)

THE BOTTOM LINE The tips are great -- but with its irritatingly small typeface, this book could've used an eye doctor.