McGrath says she was always the “chubby kid” in school but that it was after being pregnant with her now-25-year-old son that weight became an issue. She dropped pounds with Weight Watchers but admitted she never really changed her eating habits and easily slipped back into bad eating patterns.

McGrath said she had a turnaround about 16 months ago. “I wasn’t feeling great and knew I needed to make a change. I was tired of buying bigger clothes and not wanting to go out and participate in life. But this time around, I felt more of a need to get healthy and not just lose weight.”

She turned to Weight Watchers again but online this time, cut out sugar and incorporated more exercise. Online members have an account, track everything they eat, scan bar codes with a smartphone, and track their weight weekly. “I like the flexibility and lower cost of doing it online. I knew I could be accountable to myself,” McGrath said.

Asked about any “wow” moments after losing weight, McGrath spoke of the first time she went clothes shopping in a regular store and bought sizes that she didn’t think she’d ever wear. “I bought my first pair of skinny jeans at age 44, and I’m rockin’ them.”


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McGrath prepares a big batch of steel-cut oats for breakfast and divides it into single portions and has that or high-fiber cereal with fruit and unsweetened almond milk. She snacks on fruit midmorning and afternoon. Lunch is usually a high-protein, high-fiber wrap — either hard-boiled eggs or tuna. McGrath and her wife are vegetarians who eat fish and enjoy dinners such as vegetables or tofu with pasta or salmon, and shrimp or codfish along with vegetables. “If I really need something like ice cream, I’ll have a small portion of regular ice cream, not the fat-free kind. Same thing with chocolate. I try to not keep those things in the house and accessible.”


McGrath walks outdoors for about 30 minutes five times a week. She started yoga about a year ago and loves it. She turned a small spare room into a yoga studio and uses videos that she says help with anxiety and focus as well as toning.


“You can’t be looking for a quick fix. There’s no such thing. Be patient, realistic and willing to make changes. I made small changes over time — no sugar, moving a little more, nothing crazy.”