Jokes Over: The Staten Island clown revealed to be a hoax

Staten Island Clown screen grab

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Staten Island can rest easy: There is no clown.

Michael Leavy came clean on Friday morning on Z100, saying he and local production company Fuzz on the Lens were behind the Staten Island clown hoax.

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We treated this as a film within itself we treated him as a character and the world was our production, Leavy said on Elvis Duran the Morning Show.

Leavy had previously denied involvement, but he insisted the hoax was not production for a movie. And the other people who were suspected of being involved who had shared images, well, Leavy said they had completely tricked.

The clown resembled Pennywise, the clown in Stephen Kings It, which prompted King to tweet to Fuzz on the Lens  Do I get royalties? We sure hope not, Fuzz on the Lens replied.

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