Prosecutors may try to take the shirt off Bernard Madoff's back when he is sentenced Monday but at least the Wall Street swindler can dress in style for the occasion.

In a short order released late Wednesday, Judge Denny Chin permitted Madoff to receive clothing at the Metropolitan Correctional Center to spruce up for his next court appearance on June 29. That is the day Madoff will appear to face a possible 150-year sentence, as well as the forfeiture of his assets.

"Just clothes," was how defense attorney Ira Sorkin characterized what Madoff, 71, will be getting at his jail cell, which happens to be in a building right next to the courthouse where he will be sentenced.

Before his bail was revoked when he pleaded guilty to running Wall Street's biggest Ponzi scheme, Madoff appeared in court wearing somber charcoal gray and dark colored suits. He also at times was spotted wearing a bullet proof vest under his overcoat when walking in and out of the federal courthouse.

One of the last extravagant clothing expenses Madoff reportedly made before he was arrested last December was a $2,000 pair of custom-made Italian pants that went unclaimed at a Palm Beach, Fla., store.

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Since pleading guilty in March, Madoff has been spending time in solitary at the Metropolitan Correctional Center.

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