Add another $100 million to Wednesday’s Powerball jackpot.

The grand prize got another bump Tuesday, this time to $1.5 billion, the largest lottery jackpot in world history.

The lump sum payout is $930 million, before taxes and withholding.

Lottery officials announced the bump — a significant jackpot increase based on better-than-anticipated ticket sales — about 11 a.m.

And there’s a good chance it’ll get another bump before the drawing at about 11 p.m. Wednesday.

The jackpot is more than double the previous record for the largest jackpot for a U.S.-based game, which was a $656 Mega Millions grand prize in 2012.

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The jackpot has continued to swell since Nov. 7, when it started out at $40 million. It surpassed $656 million — the previous mark for the largest grand prize for a U.S. game — this past Thursday, when it reached $675 million.

It’s been expanding ever since, including a $100 million bump on Monday.