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#Diving has become a lot easier and more
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#Diving has become a lot easier and more comfortable in the 21st century... This #TBT image from 1935 shows two #divers, Jim Jerrett wearing the "#Tritonia" atmospheric #diving suit (left) and another in a standard diving dress of the period (right). While wearing the Tritonia suit, Jerrett was able to dive to an astonishing 312 feet while exploring the wreck of the RMS #Lusitania off the southern coast of Ireland. The Tritonia was unique for the time because it maintained an internal pressure of one atmosphere -- the same pressure as at the surface of the ocean. It was developed by pioneering British diving engineer Joseph Peress. The suit was the inspiration for and precursor to the "Jim" dive suit, named for Jim Jarrett.(Credit: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

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