Chris Pratt's "Jurassic World" raptor scene pose has gone viral on social media with zoo and aquarium employees attempting to re-create it. From the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago to the Newquay Zoo in England, many have shared their take on the pose with the hashtags #JurassicZoo and #JurassicZookeeper. 

A still of the scene, which shows Pratt with his back to the camera and his arms straight to his sides in an attempt to hold back three vicious raptors, inspired the zoo keepers to try out the move on their own animals. 

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Now, fans are taking to Twitter and Instagram to share their own photos of themselves trying out the move on their dogs, cats, toys and more.

On Friday, the Vancouver Aquarium shared its own photo of one the moves. "Practicing our #Prattkeeping with the Stellar sea lions with @UBCFisheries #JurassicZoo," the aquarium wrote on Twitter.