Joyce Gilos Torrefranca was inspired by a homeless boy doing his homework under the light of a McDonald's in the Philippines, so she snapped a photo and shared it on her Facebook. Now, thousands have been inspired by the boy's dedication as well.

Nine-year-old Daniel Cabrera and his family were left without permanent housing after a fire destroyed their home five years ago, according to Yahoo! News. Since then, the family has been living in a small grocery store and Cabrera's mother, Christina Espinosa, works as a domestic helper for the store's owners, earning 80 pesos or $1.77 per day, the agency reported.

For extra income, she sells cigarettes and candy on the streets while Cabrera sits on the sidewalk nearby, Yahoo! says. That's where Cabrera was when Torrefranca saw him leaning on a wooden bench to do his homework.

On June 23, she posted the photo of Cabrera to her Facebook with the caption, "I got inspired by a kid."

After receiving more than 7,000 shares, the image began to inspire people across the nation to help encourage Cabrera to continue his studies. Since his story was picked up by news organizations, he has been overwhelmed with aid.

So far, he has received donations of scholarship funding, school supplies and cash, the New York Daily News says.

"We're overjoyed. I don't know what I will do with all of these blessings," Espinosa told AFP.

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She said her son, who hopes to become a police officer, has always kept positive and stayed focused on his studies despite their current situation.

"I didn't think that a simple photo can make a huge difference," Torrefranca wrote in a follow up post on Facebook.