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This handout picture show the experimental Solar Impulse
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This handout picture show the experimental Solar Impulse HB-SIA plane with Andre Borschberg onboard approaching JFK airport in New York. The experimental Solar Impulse plane, powered by the sun, completed a transcontinental trip across the United States late Saturday, touching down in New York despite a rip in the fabric of one wing. (July 6, 2013)(Credit: Getty Images)

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Solar powered plane lands in NY

The Solar Impulse left San Francisco in early May and made stopovers in Phoenix, Dallas-Fort Worth, St. Louis, Cincinnati and Dulles before heading to Kennedy Airport. It landed at Kennedy at 11:09 p.m. on July 6, 2013, after a tear on the left wing scuttled a planned fly-by of the Statue of Liberty. The slow-flying aircraft traveled between two of the world's busiest airports and was required to take off very early in the morning and land very late at night when air traffic is at a minimum. The aircraft is powered by some 11,000 solar cells on its wings.