Media bias for Democratic president already

I think it is very interesting that the market tumbles the day after Election Day and on Inauguration Day and there is no big news. However, if a Republican was elected and sworn in, the media would spread the message that it is the end of world.

— Stefanie Cardillo Tuckahoe

America isn’t yet equal for women or gays

I almost feel for Hillary Clinton. She was so close to being the first female president, but evidently she knows little about history: Black males got the right to vote long before white women. In America, the “land of equality,” sexism is still more powerful than racism. Same as it ever was. (As shown by the proposition in California, homophobia is still more powerful than racism or sexism!)

— Tanya O’Langan, Manhattan

Iraq invasion, U.S. safety might not be connected

Re Jerry Sitner’s letter, “Bush made us safe,” Jan. 20: Sitner posits the reason the U.S. has not been attacked since 9/11 is because of the Iraq invasion. Correlation does not imply causation, Mr. Sitner.

— Adam F. Bailey, Manhattan

Accountability missing during Bush’s presidency

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George W. Bush was a poster boy for what was bad in America, a society where mediocrity and incompetence have become a goal rather than a pathetic result. With arrogance, ex-President Bush expects praise for making decisions — no matter how stupid and short-sighted those decisions were. Will we learn from our mistakes and take responsibility in supporting Obama, and/or in speaking up when the true interests of the people are not being served?

— Larry Abramsky, Manhattan