A new state Senate bill would take from Amtrak and give to beleaguered Long Island Rail Road commuters.

The legislation, introduced Wednesday, would require the MTA to “discontinue” any and all payments to Amtrak in order to fully compensate LIRR commuters who’ve experienced unscheduled delays and cancellations caused by “inadequate maintenance” of Penn Station and its tunnels. That would include commuters impacted from March 24 through Dec. 31 of this year.

“The service delays, the lack of maintenance [are] just unacceptable, totally unacceptable,” said Sen. Elaine Phillips (R-Manhasset), who sponsored the legislation.

The bill comes after near-routine delays and cancellations of rush-hour trains from Penn Station as Amtrak works to repair decaying, aging tracks and track equipment at the station. The LIRR faces a 25 percent reduction in service this summer while Amtrak makes what it considers to be much-needed repairs to tracks heading into the nation’s busiest transit hub.

Withheld funding would be returned to commuters in the form of free rail tickets, according to the legislation, unless Amtrak managed to restore and maintain a 95 percent on-time performance for trains arriving and departing at Penn Station consistently over a month.

The bill is in the spirit of actions from New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who last month directed NJ Transit to withhold money from Amtrak. Both Christie and Gov. Andrew Cuomo have called for control of the aging transit hub to be turned over to a private operator.

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But the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the LIRR’s parent agency, could do more in the meantime, said Phillips, who criticized the agency’s outreach and communications.

“It’s really the responsibility of the MTA to protect the commuters,” said Phillips, who had written the MTA early this month on the issue. “There needs to be more public hearings and alerts through social media and 21st-century technology.”

The MTA and Amtrak did not immediately respond to requests for comment.