So you thought the lucky numbers inside those Chinese fortune cookies were a joke?

Don't tell that to Emma Duvoll, 75, of the Bronx.

Duvoll played the lucky numbers from inside a fortune cookie on a Powerball ticket for the Feb. 1 drawing with a $193 million jackpot.

When she matched five numbers, Duvoll won $2 million, the New York Lottery said Thursday.

"I was surprised, but pleased," Duvoll told lottery officials.

She purchased the winning ticket at the Hannaford market on Ted Drive in upstate Pine Bush.

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Her ticket matched the numbers -- 5, 12, 15, 27 and 38 -- but missed out on the Powerball, 7. Matching five numbers wins $1 million, but because Duvoll chose the Power Play option -- paying an extra $1 -- she increased her payout to $2 million.

She will get a onetime lump-sum payment totaling $1,246,085 after required withholdings, the lottery said.

"I took some time contemplating what I will do with the money," Duvall said Thursday in Manhattan, where several other New York City winners were introduced, according to the lottery. "I plan to invest most of it, and maybe take a trip to Switzerland to visit family."