Detectives from The Bronx and Yonkers are looking for more weapons that may have been stashed away by the man who allegedly kept a firearms cache in a Yonkers building.

NYPD, Yonkers, ATF and state police officers swarmed the Woodlawn section of the Bronx Sunday on a tip that Antonio Olmeda had stashed an arsenal of weapons in a wooded area off the Major Deegan Expressway, officials said.

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Det. Lt. Patrick McCormack of the Yonkers Police Department confirmed Monday that searches took place "in some locations in the Bronx" but declined to say what, if anything, had been found.

Several residents were evacuated last week when another stash of Olmeda's weapons was found in a storage space in Yonkers.

Another eight homes in the vicinity of 37 Van Cortlandt Park Avenue in Yonkers were evacuated Saturday as authorities searched a van owned by Olmeda. McCormack said Monday that the van search yielded only an empty ammunition canister and some other items he declined to identify beyond saying they were "nothing that would be of any danger to the public."

Bomb-sniffing dogs had indicated a possible "explosive odor" from the van, which was towed away by law enforcement agencies. McCormack said the empty canister is "probably what the dogs were responding to." The van was impounded, McCormack said.

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Olmeda has been at Riker's Island since December for allegedly shooting at two NYPD officers. He is being held without bail on attempted murder charges.