Five Occupy Wall Street protesters pepper-sprayed by an NYPD commander in a notorious incident filmed and publicized on the Internet in 2011 have settled their federal lawsuits, according to the city and plaintiffs' lawyers.

Two women, Jeanne Mansfield, a master's degree candidate from Boston, and Chelsea Elliott, a San Francisco photographer, settled for $60,000 each, said lawyer Aymen Aboushi. He said the payments were the highest of any Occupy Wall Street cases.

A third woman, Albany-area teacher's aide Kaylee Dedrick, settled for $55,000, according to her lawyer, Ron Kuby. The Associated Press reported that two others, Damien Crisp and Julie Lawler, settled for $52,500 each.

Altogether, settlements totaled $332,500 for those five and a sixth protester involved in a separate pepper spray incident, the city's law department confirmed. "Settling these cases was in the city's best interest," spokesman Nick Paolucci said.

Dep. Insp. Anthony Bologna, the officer shown in a video spraying a group of women peacefully protesting penned behind orange police netting, was suspended for 10 days and transferred to Staten Island.

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Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. chose not to prosecute him, but Kuby said the settlements were important to deterring misconduct. "If a deputy inspector can pull that kind of stuff, what's a young cop going to think?" he said.

The first of the settlements were initially disclosed in court filings last week.