MONROE - The so-called 'Monroe Madam' was sentenced to six months in jail and five years probation as part of the plea deal for her conviction on prostitution charges.

Anna Gristina, 45, surrendered herself to authorities right after the sentencing. The Orange County mother of four has already spent four months in jail with good behavior and was released today. There is still a chance that federal authorities could deport her to her native Scotland upon release, but her lawyer says that is not expected.

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Prosecutors say Gristina was the mastermind behind a high-end brothel on Manhattan's Upper East Side that brought in millions of dollars.

In September, Gristina pleaded guilty to one count of promoting prostitution. The charge stemmed from a liaison she set up between two women and an undercover cop posing as a wealthy client.

If Gristina had gone to trial and was convicted, she could have faced up to seven years in prison. Gristina declined an opportunity to speak in court today.

"It's probably better, your honor, that I don't," she told the judge.